380V Flat Fold 3D KF94 Non Woven Facial Mask Making Machine

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name chuangying
Certification CE
Model Number kf94
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $15,000.00/Sets 1-4 Sets
Packaging Details Pack the wooden box after vacuum packing
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month
Product Details
Showroom Location South Korea, Viet Nam, Brazil, Colombia, Russia Condition New
Automatic Grade Full-automatic Power 21kW
Dimension(L*W*H) 5850(L)*2540(W)*2126(H) Weight 1800 KG
Warranty 1 Year Year 2021
Production Capacity 180 Touch Screen XINJIE
Servo Motor XINJIE Port Shenzhen , Qingdao
High Light

KF94 Non Woven Facial Mask Making Machine


380V Non Woven Facial Mask Making Machine


3D KF94 Non Woven Mask Machine

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Product Description
Spot shipping 15-day free trial 3d print face mask machine ear loop 3d face mask making machine 3d mask maker machine
The automatic KF94 fish mask machine must be well grounded at all times when it is connected to avoid leakage of electricity and hurt people!
When the weather is dry or the temperature is low, some parts of the automatic KF94 fish mask machine may be electrostatically charged due to the friction of the raw materials. Please pay attention to protection!
Non-professionals are not allowed to move! The machine must be stopped when threading materials, adjusting parts, checking or repairing the machine! The power must be cut off when the electrical part is maintained!
Do not open the electric box and ultrasonic system by non-professionals or maintenance personnel!
The air pressure is required to be around 0.5P—0.6P, please do not work in the range below and above the air pressure!
During the process, please do not touch electrical components, such as: ultrasonic electric box, vibrator (with high voltage, please discharge first when disassembling), welding head, etc.!
When the automatic KF94 fish mask machine is running, please do not touch the moving mechanical parts, blades, scissors parts, cylinders, etc. to avoid accidents!
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Other
Key Selling Points 180 tablets per minute at high speed
Mask types Flat-Fold
Mask Material Non-woven Fabrics
Air pressure 6-8kg
CONPROFE 2 of 20K2600w
Ultrasonic wave 2 of 15K4200W
Voltage 220V, 380V
Air pressure 6-8kg
Rectifier ARISE 4


The speed of Chuangying kf94 adult mask machine, kf94 child mask machine, and kf94 pattern positioning mask machine has increased to 150-180 pieces per minute. The product qualification rate is 99.99%. Speed, appearance and other details can be customized according to requirements. The steel structure of the whole machine is sturdy and durable, and the ultrasonic high-power 15k4200w is not easy to damage. Easy to use. Can be exported to all parts of the world. ce certification. Global joint guarantee, preferential prices, 430 units have been sold, and have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.
You are welcome to consult and negotiate. The mask machine is divided into: flat mask machine, kf94 mask machine, cup mask machine, flat fish mask machine, elastic ear band mask machine, kn95 mask machine. Various positioning pattern mask machines, customized machines according to the mask style you need. We specialize in customizing special mask machines. Packaging machines are divided into: bag-feeding packaging machine, four-side sealing packaging machine, three-side sealing packaging machine,counting machine and so on. And there are mask appearance inspection equipment, packaging machine, cartoning machine, sealing machine, and fully automated unmanned production mask line can be customized. The company established a mask factory in May 2021, and can now produce and export various masks. Welcome your consultation and inspection.
380V Flat Fold 3D KF94 Non Woven Facial Mask Making Machine 1

Q: How long is the delivery time?

Answer: The general situation is 3-5 days for delivery. If you need a customized mask shape, it will take 7-10 days. Please refer to customer service for details.

Question: The machine I want is too inconsistent with what you showed on the Internet. Can I do it?

Answer: Yes, you need to provide machine pictures and finished mask pictures.

Question: What should I do if I buy a machine and I won’t install it back?

Answer: South Korea and Vietnam have after-sales and can be installed on site. Other countries can send installation videos and remote video guidance. Many foreign customers install this way. You only need to install the four screws of the connector of the filming machine and the earband machine, learn to load the cloth and operate normally. The company will be equipped with text version and video version of the whole teaching.

Q: How long is the warranty period?

Answer: The warranty period is one year. The ultrasound is three months. During the warranty period, the parts are damaged and the company provides new parts.

The following information comes from the Internet for reference only

Automatic KF94 fish mask machine

The fully automatic KF94 fish mask machine has a high degree of automation. It can be controlled by PLC programming and can be embossed, folded in half, perforated, and trimmed at one time. The special production process can confirm the texture and analysis, and it will not be deformed during production. It can be maximized This reduces material waste and effectively guarantees the quality of the masks produced.
Let's take a look at the advantages of Chuangying Times Technology's automatic KF94 fish mask machine:
1 tow 1 pure electric servo automatic KF94 fish mask machine, with more than 80 pieces per minute and 9 servo motors, which can automatically fold the outer ear into the inner ear, which is convenient for packaging. It can be directly connected to the packaging machine to be independent packaging or multiple Package. Mass production price concessions are basically in stock. The power supply voltage is 220V, there are 50HZ60HZ free choice, there are many operating languages, such as Chinese, English, Korean, export to the world, whichever language you need can be customized.

The kf94 machine is composed of the material rack part, the upper nose line part, the shape welding part, the folding forming, the shape cutter part, the welding ear band part, and the finished product output. It adopts servo motor and ultrasonic welding technology to complete the production.
1. Material rack part: automatic feeding, brake and controller to ensure material tension.
2. The bridge of the nose section: the cylinder is ultrasonically welded to automatically convey the bridge of the nose.
3. Shape welding part: The mold cooperates with ultrasonic to complete the pattern welding.
4. Folding forming: folding fabric
5. Shape cutting knife part: customized cutting knife, roll cutting and forming.
6. Turning part: the mask is turned over.
7. Welding ear straps: special rotating disk, with ultrasonic wave to complete ear strap wire welding.
9. Output of finished products: output and collection of finished masks.
After replacing the accessories of the ultrasonic system, the ultrasonic frequency must be detected and adjusted before it can be started and run! Otherwise it will cause damage to the ultrasonic system and welding head!
Check the tightness of belts and chains once a week. The lubricating oil should be changed regularly for parts such as chain sprocket!
The sequence of starting up every day is: check the air source and equipment condition, then turn on the main power, followed by the ultrasonic system. When shutting down, turn off the ultrasonic system first and then turn off the main power!
The automatic KF94 fish mask machine reminds you to replace the lubricant every 1000 hours of operation!
When the automatic KF94 fish mask machine is not running for a long time, please apply anti-rust oil to the rust-prone parts!
Through PLC programming control, through automatic feeding, embossing, half-folding, trimming, flipping, welding ear straps and other processes, a new automatic fish mask machine has been successfully developed and designed. This machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation. More humane features.