100pcs/Min Earloop Surgical Mask Machine PLC Control High Speed

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Win
Certification ce
Model Number Inner ear mask machine
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $8,100.00/Sets 1-4 Sets
Packaging Details Pack the wooden box after vacuum packing
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 150 Set/Sets per Month
Product Details
Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant Showroom Location South Korea
Condition New Automatic Grade Full-automatic
Voltage 220V Power 220 V
Dimension(L*W*H) L4200mm*W1900mm*H1400mm Weight 1000KG
Warranty 1 Year Year 2021
Production Capacity 120 Pcs/min Key Selling Points Easy To Operate
Mask Types Flat Mask Material Non-woven Fabrics
Appearance Color According To The Factory Standard Equipment Weight 800kg, Ground Bearing ≤ 500kg / M2
Working Power Supply 220 V, 50 Hz, Rated Power About 10 KW Compressed Air 0.5-0.7 MPa, The Flow Rate Is About 300 L / Min
Operating Environment Temperature 10 ~ 35 ℃ Number Of Servos 14
Delivery Date Spot Delivery Multilingual System Customizable
High Speed Point Earphone Box PLC Control After Warranty Service Online Support, Field Maintenance And Repair Service, Spare Parts, Video Technical Support
Local Service Location South Korea After-sales Service Provided Field Installation, Commissioning And Training, Free Spare Parts, Video Technical Support, Online Support, Field Maintenance And Repair Service
Port Shenzhen Port, Qingdao Port
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Earloop Surgical Mask Machine


100pcs/Min Surgical Mask Machine


100pcs/Min Earloop Mask Machine

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Product Description
custom face mask machine inner ear loop surgical mask machine automatic facial mask machine
The speed of Chuangying kf94 adult mask machine, kf94 child mask machine, and kf94 pattern positioning mask machine has increased to 150-180 pieces per minute. The product qualification rate is 99.99%. Speed, appearance and other details can be customized according to requirements. The steel structure of the whole machine is sturdy and durable, and the ultrasonic high-power 15k4200w is not easy to damage. Easy to use. Can be exported to all parts of the world. ce certification. Global joint guarantee, preferential prices, 430 units have been sold, and have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers at home and abroad.

You are welcome to consult and negotiate. The mask machine is divided into: flat mask machine, kf94 mask machine, cup mask machine, flat fish mask machine, elastic ear band mask machine, kn95 mask machine. Various positioning pattern mask machines, customized machines according to the mask style you need. We specialize in customizing special mask machines. Packaging machines are divided into: bag-feeding packaging machine, four-side sealing packaging machine, three-side sealing packaging machine,counting machine and so on. And there are mask appearance inspection equipment, packaging machine, cartoning machine, sealing machine, and fully automated unmanned production mask line can be customized. The company established a mask factory in May 2021, and can now produce and export various masks. Welcome your consultation and inspection.
2300MM × 4900MM × 2200MM.
The quality of the whole machine
(approximately) 1000Kg.
Design capacity
80-100 pieces/minute.
Expansion performance
 can be connected to packaging equipment.
Yachao ultrasonic 18K,2600W
Use environment
 ambient temperature 10-30 degrees Celsius, relative humidity less than 80%, no condensation, no dust, no corrosive gas, no strong
vibration source around the machine.
100pcs/Min Earloop Surgical Mask Machine PLC Control High Speed 0100pcs/Min Earloop Surgical Mask Machine PLC Control High Speed 1

Q: How long is the delivery time?
Answer: The general situation is 3-5 days for delivery. If you need a customized mask shape, it will take 7-10 days. Please refer to customer service for details.
Question: The machine I want is too inconsistent with what you showed on the Internet. Can I do it?
Answer: Yes, you need to provide machine pictures and finished mask pictures.
Question: What should I do if I buy a machine and I won’t install it back?
Answer: South Korea and Vietnam have after-sales and can be installed on site. Other countries can send installation videos and remote video guidance. Many foreign customers install this way. You only need to install the four screws of the connector of the filming machine and the earband machine, learn to load the cloth and operate normally. The company will be equipped with text version and video version of the whole teaching.
Q: How long is the warranty period?
Answer: The warranty period is one year. The ultrasound is three months. During the warranty period, the parts are damaged and the company provides new parts.

The following information comes from the Internet for reference only

The flat face mask machine can be maintained in accordance with the following aspects, and it is necessary to shut down the power during the maintenance process:

1. Ultrasonic system of flat mask machine

Check whether the ultrasonic flat mask machine system is kept clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, vibrator, and welding head must be dry and clean without water. The connecting line must be firmly and frequently to check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head. Pay attention to the ultrasonic wave The scale of the pointer of the voltmeter and ammeter on the electric box is changed.

2. Pneumatic system:

The air filter cup of the flat face mask equipment needs to check whether there is water drainage and also to the air compressor by the way, and the humidity area should be drained to the air compressor every day to check whether all air pipe cylinders are leaking. Cylinder magnetic induction induction The orientation of the device and whether it is operating normally.

3. Appearance

Flat masks are used to wear on the face, and medical masks need to enter the operating room. Therefore, the production of flat masks must require the cleanliness of the mask machine equipment. Every day after get off work, it is necessary to arrange for personnel to shut down the mask machine after the power is turned off. Clean the work surface of the equipment and the plate containing the mask. Note that it cannot be cleaned with water. Use non-toxic and volatile cleaning fluids such as alcohol to clean the equipment.

Four, electrical system

Check whether the joints of the equipment circuit of the flat face mask machine are loose, whether the main power cords, branch signal lines, etc. are worn and aging, whether the electrical equipment is loose, whether a dry environment is maintained in the electrical box, and whether the exhaust fan is not Normal work etc.

Five, transmission system

The transmission system includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. We need to check whether there are dust and other things attached to the motor that affect heat dissipation, and whether the gears and sprockets are oiled. If there are attachments, then we should Clean up, whether the tightness of the chain is suitable for foreign matter has not been cleaned up, whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose, and the lubricating oil of the reducer is not enough, usually the machine needs to change the lubricating oil after 1000-1500 hours .

Six, anti-rust

Flat face mask machine equipment must not be stuck with easily corrosive liquids and objects. Sweat is very easy to cause the equipment parts to rust. If the equipment does not operate for a long time, it is necessary to apply anti-rust oil to the transmission system of the mask and the parts that are prone to rust.

100pcs/Min Earloop Surgical Mask Machine PLC Control High Speed 2100pcs/Min Earloop Surgical Mask Machine PLC Control High Speed 3