Children KN95 Mask Testing Equipment Automatic Vial Inspection Machine

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name chaungying
Certification ce
Model Number Kn95
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $15,000.00/Sets 1-4 Sets
Packaging Details Pack the wooden box after vacuum packing
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month
Product Details
Name Automatic Vial Inspection Machine Power Electronic
Product Name Children KN95 Mask Testing Equipment Accuracy Greater Than 99%
Application Mask Function Check Whether The Mask Is Defective
Weight 800kg Power Supply 220V 50hz 15A
Test Range Mask Appearance Pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
High Light

Children KN95 Mask Testing Equipment


KN95 Automatic Vial Inspection Machine


KN95 automatic visual inspection machine

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Product Description

mask testing labs Kn95 Mask testing equipment chidren mask tested

Equipped with 6 cameras for detection, both the front and back of the mask can be detected. Small perforations in the bridge of the nose can be detected, stain detection includes dirty surfaces, hair, debris, and any dirt can be detected. Whether the ear straps are not intact, whether they are not welded or offset. Whether the shape of the mask is correct and whether it is skewed. Whether the pattern is printed correctly and so on. It can be connected to a mask machine and a mask packaging machine.
Customized support
Place of Origin
Model Number
Product name
Mask testing equipment
Detect the appearance of the mask
Mask appearance inspection equipment
Power supply
220V 50hz 15A
Greater than 99%
Test range
Mask appearance
Check whether the mask is defective
Children KN95 Mask Testing Equipment Automatic Vial Inspection Machine 0
Company Profile
Shenzhen Chuangying Times Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development of
automation systems and the production of automation equipment. The company was established in 2017 and won the honorary
certificate of AAA-level enterprise, famous Chinese brand, quality inspection, national standard qualified product in 2019. The
main products are mask machines and non-standard automation equipment. We have been committed to the export business of mask
machines. The company is located in Dongguan, with a factory area of ​​about 12,000 square meters and 122 employees.Chuangying
currently mainly produces mask machine types: KF94 mask machine, flat mask machine, inner ear edging mask machine, long ear mask
machine, duckbill mask machine, KN95 mask machine, 3M mask machine, non-standard customized various Shaped mask machine.Types of
packaging machines: single-row packaging machines, pillow-type servo packaging machines, double-row packaging machines,bag-feeding
packaging machines, four-side sealing packaging machines, automatic cartoning machines and other special packaging models.
The company has obtained more than 20 kinds of national new patents and software copyrights, which are in full compliance with
export standards. Chuangying has complete processing equipment and efficient technical team; with its deep technical development
strength, complete product guarantee system, sincere pre-sales advice and perfect after-sales service, it integratesdomestic and
foreign electromechanical control technology into one. One of the automation service providers in the mask machine industry,home
appliance industry, and sensor industry provides a strong backing for the high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-precision
development of the machinery industry.

1. How long is the delivery time?
The general situation is 3-5 days for delivery. If you need a customized mask shape, it will take 7-10 days. Please refer to
customer service for details.
2. The machine I want is too ?
inconsistent with what you showed on the Internet. 3.Can I do it?
Yes, you need to provide machine pictures and finished mask pictures.
4.what should I do if I buy a machine and Iwon’t install it back?South Korea and Vietnam have after-sales and can be installed on
site. Other countries can send installation videos and remote video guidance. Many foreign customers install this way. You only
need to install the four screws of the connector of the filming machine and the earband machine, learn to load the cloth and
operate normally. The company will be equipped with text version and video version of the whole teaching.
5. How long is the warranty period?
The warranty period is one year. The ultrasound is three months. During the warranty period, the parts are damaged and the company
provides new parts.

After-sales service description

Hello, please don't feel strange when you see words like mine. I am the boss of this mask machine enterprise. I have been doing
research and development of machinery and equipment for ten years. I didn't expect the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year
to transform our company into mask machines. I have always been very strict in doing things, and so has the mask machine designed
by our company. I have participated in the control of our machines from design to purchase related raw materials. Every detail of
the machine is done with great precision. The machine runs stably and is easy to operate. There is a Korean interface. At present,
plane mask machines have been made for more than 1,000 years this year, and KF94 South Korea has exported more than 200 units. The
factory still has 100 semi-finished products in stock. Can be assembled, installed, debugged and shipped at any time. The fastest
delivery speed can be one to two days. Special custom-made mask appearance, 10 days delivery. KN95 has produced a total of 300
units, and there are still 80 units in stock, which are on sale at a special price. 70-80 pcs per minute. Details can be found on
the website about the introduction of relevant machines. The KF94 packaging machine we made was followed by the machines bought
from South Korea and improved many shortcomings of the past machines. We are rigorous and professional in the mask machine
industry. I would like to make a special mention of South Korea's door-to-door installation service. It usually takes 10-15 days
from the time you place an order to the time when the goods arrive. Shipping from Qingdao port, transportation time: 3-5 days.
After delivery, we will arrange the time for after-sales personnel to install in advance and train your employees how to operate
one-stop service. After-sales warranty period of one year, if you have any questions, you can contact the company's after-sales
customer service in time. The company will arrange personnel to carry out on-site maintenance in the first place.

Originated from the Internet, for reference only
Recently, the epidemic situation has rebounded. You must abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control management, gather less, wear masks when you go out, and do not relax your vigilance and take personal protection.
Recently, many cities have announced the results of mask product quality supervision and random inspections. It can be seen that there are still certain quality problems in mask products. For products that are closely related to people's lives, the quality and safety of masks cannot be ignored.
Masks are often worn when going out Effective protection can only be achieved by wearing masks that meet the protection standards. Masks are divided into medical masks, non-medical masks and civilian sanitary masks. The civil protective mask standard GB/T32610-2016 "Technical Specification for Daily Protective Masks", GB2626-2019 "Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filtering Anti-Particulate Respirator" is mainly used for daily protection; the medical field standard GB19083-2010 "Medical Protection "Mask Technical Requirements" is mainly applicable to medical institutions. On March 11, 2020, the China Industry Association officially released the T/CNITA09104-2020 "Civilian Sanitary Masks" standard.
The results of epidemic prevention are hard-won and need to be maintained by everyone. Even if the weather is hot, you must adhere to scientific standards to wear masks; even if you are vaccinated, you should also take personal protection and never take it lightly. Guangdong Precision Product Quality Inspection Co., Ltd.
Shandong Precision Product Quality Inspection was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, and the total assets now exceed 100 million yuan. At present, it has a mask testing room, a constant temperature and humidity room, a microbiology laboratory, etc. to assist in the detection of masks. Qualification advantage
The company's mask product testing qualifications are complete, covering varieties including daily protective masks, respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter anti-particulate respirators, medical protective masks, knitted masks, children's masks, civilian health masks, ordinary protective masks, PM2.5 protective masks The test items cover decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde content, pH value, breaking strength, exhalation resistance, inhalation resistance, ventilation resistance, adhesion, visual field, filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency, protective effect, epoxy Residual ethane, microbial indicators, fiber composition and content, etc.