Anti Virus Non Woven Fabric Meltblown For Agriculture Cover

Place of Origin dongguan
Brand Name chuangying
Minimum Order Quantity 1 ton
Price $1,500.00/ton 5-10 Sets
Supply Ability 1000ton
Product Details
Application Agriculture Cover Product Name Non Woven Fabric
Name 100% PolyPROPYLENE Spunbonded Nonwoven Fabric Keywords 100 PP Non Woven Fabric
High Light

melt blown fabric raw material


microfibre melt blown non woven fabric


Agriculture Cover non woven fabric meltblown

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Product Description



Packing Roll Packing
Technology Meltblown Pp Nonwoven Fabric
Usage Medicl
Type Hot-stamping Non-woven Fabric
item value
Supply Type In-Stock Items
Pattern SOLIDS
Feature Waterproof, Breathable, Anti-Bacteria, Shrink-Resistant, Water Resistant, Wrinkle Resistant, Oilproof
Material 100% Polypropylene
Weight 25g/40g


Anti Virus Non Woven Fabric Meltblown For Agriculture Cover 1
Anti Virus Non Woven Fabric Meltblown For Agriculture Cover 2
7Anti Virus Non Woven Fabric Meltblown For Agriculture Cover 4


Hello, please don't feel strange when you see words like mine. I am the boss of this mask machine enterprise. I have been doing research and development of machinery and equipment for ten years. I didn't expect the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year to transform our company into mask machines. I have always been very strict in doing things, and so has the mask machine designed by our company. I have participated in the control of our machines from design to purchase related raw materials. Every detail of the machine is done with great precision. The machine runs stably and is easy to operate. There is a Korean interface. At present, plane mask machines have been made for more than 1,000 years this year, and KF94 South Korea has exported more than 200 units. The factory still has 100 semi-finished products in stock. Can be assembled, installed, debugged and shipped at any time. The fastest delivery speed can be one to two days. Special custom-made mask appearance, 10 days delivery.

common problem
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Q: How long is the warranty period?

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Q: How about the installation? Do you have after-sales service?

Answer: South Korea and Vietnam have after-sales service and can be installed on site. Other countries can send installation videos and remote video guidance. Many foreign customers install it in this way. Just install the four screws of the connector of the film sticking machine and the earband machine, learn to install the cloth and then operate normally. The company will be equipped with text version and video version of the whole teaching.

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Excerpted from the Internet, for reference only

The reason why masks can't be made with a mask machine is because of the lack of the core material of masks: meltblown cloth. What is a meltblown cloth? Cut a used medical mask and you will find that: the mask has three layers, (inner layer) moisture absorption layer, (middle layer) core filter layer, and (outer layer) water blocking layer. Because according to the national production regulations, medical masks contain at least 3 layers of non-woven fabrics (N95 level masks, the structure has been optimized: (middle layer) core filter layer has more layers and thicker). S layer: polypropylene special resin (Sinopec) - nonwoven fabric factory - mask factory special material) - meltblown non-woven fabric factory - mask factory. Meltblown cloth, commonly known as the "heart" of the mask, is the filter layer in the middle of the mask, which can filter bacteria and prevent the spread of germs. Meltblown cloth is a kind of film made of polypropylene with high melt index, which is made of many crisscross fibers stacked in random directions. one.
With such a large gap in the meltblown cloth, how does it filter viruses in the environment? Although the size of the new coronavirus is very small, about 100 nanometers (0.1 microns), the virus cannot exist independently. The main routes of transmission are secretions and droplets when sneezing. The size of the droplets is about 5 microns, which is the First, second, the meltblown cloth is essentially a fiber filter. After the droplets containing the virus are close to the meltblown cloth, they will also be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface and cannot be penetrated.
Although the raw materials of the S and M layers of the mask are all polypropylene special resins, the production process and performance of the special materials for meltblown cloth and other non-woven materials are very different. Meltblown cloth
How did the meltblown cloth come from?
The special material for meltblown cloth is polypropylene with high melt index. The higher the melt index of polypropylene, the finer the melt-blown fibers and the better the filterability of the melt-blown cloth.