cnc machine metal small cnc machine 5axis cnc machine

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Desu
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $30,000.00/Pieces 1-9 Pieces
Packaging Details Wooden packing
Product Details
X, Y Axis Travel 1300mm*2500mm Z Axis Travel 3500mm
Bed Structure Thickened Steel Structure T-shaped Bed Clamping Fixture
Spindle Speed 0-24000rpm/min Transfer Method XY Axis High-precision Grinding Rack Drive, Z Axis 2510 Screw Drive
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Product Description

cnc machine metal small cnc machine 5axis cnc machine

Application range:

Woodworking industry: processing of classical mahogany furniture products, relief crafts

Advertising industry: blister moulding, advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, advertising and decoration products of various materials Make.

Applicable to: gypsum board, copper aluminum, aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum profile, 3D engraving process, wave board production, alloy and other metals, molds, plaster, woodworking building models, sign industry, teaching, various Artificial board special-shaped cutting, LED, neon light groove-shaped literal cutting, plastic light box mold making. Acrylic, PVC board, MDF board and other sheet processing.

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Inverter brand

Best Inverter


High-power double NS permanent magnet DC motor

transfer method

XY axis high-precision grinding rack drive, Z axis 2510 screw drive


Three-axis high-precision square rail

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Warranty and after-sales service

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (free maintenance, free accessories), and lifetime after-sales service. However, consumables such as knives, nuts, chucks, etc. are excluded, and the machine is disassembled at will, and man-made failures such as not used in accordance with technical standards are excluded.


All customers who purchase Chuangying equipment can enjoy one-to-one technical guidance from Chuangyings professional after-sales team engineers, and more detailed supporting video tutorials, allowing you to quickly understand the purchased equipment, and learn how to operate the equipment with the manager in the shortest time . Technical engineers can provide all-round technical support through weChat, whatsapp and other communication methods.


If the machine fails during the warranty period, please contact the after-sales engineer of Chuangying engraving machine. The engineer will teach you some simple tests to find out the problem. For example, if there is a problem with the electric drive controller, the engineer will remotely assist to teach you to control the drive. Remove the device, send it back to the factory for a new one, and then teach you to install and repair the fault.

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