1325 woodworking engraving machine

May 9, 2022
Latest company news about 1325 woodworking engraving machine

Application range:

Woodworking industry: processing of classical mahogany furniture products, relief crafts

Advertising industry: blister moulding, advertising signs, logo production, acrylic cutting, advertising and decoration products of various materials Make.

Applicable to: gypsum board, copper aluminum, aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum profile, 3D engraving process, wave board production, alloy and other metals, molds, plaster, woodworking building models, sign industry, teaching, various Artificial board special-shaped cutting, LED, neon light groove-shaped literal cutting, plastic light box mold making. Acrylic, PVC board, MDF board and other sheet processing.


★The spindle is a domestic first-class brand, and imported Italian air-cooled electric spindle can be selected. The speed is extremely fast and the efficiency is high.

★Using the method of memorizing the breakpoints to ensure that it can be processed in accident (cutting) or the next day.

★Unique way to save the processing origin of multiple workpieces.

★Gantry type movement, integral channel steel of the bed, sturdy and durable, long-term use without deformation, making the positioning accuracy more accurate.

★The production of signs not only makes the engraving fine without serrations, the bottom surface is flat and smooth, and the outline is clear, but also cuts 3 cm plexiglass Also at ease Applicable industry


technical parameter


Serial number model Y-1325 engraving machine
1 X, Y axis travel 1300mm*2500mm
2 Z axis travel 3500mm
3 Feed height 350mm
4 Platform size 1340mm*3050mm
5 Countertop material Aluminum profile+PVC
6 Bed structure Thickened steel structure T-shaped bed
7 Maximum operating speed 17m/min
8 Maximum engraving speed 8m/min
9 Clamping Fixture
10 Tool diameter 3.175-12.7mm
11 Engraving instructions G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
12 Software operating environment windows98/2000/xp
13 Power (not including spindle) 550w
14 Control System Weihong
15 Operating Voltage 380V
16 Spindle power 3kw water-cooled spindle or 3.5kw air-cooled spindle
17 Spindle speed 0-24000rpm/min
18 driver Morikawa 860 drive
19 Inverter brand Best Inverter
20 motor High-power double NS permanent magnet DC motor
21 transfer method XY axis high-precision grinding rack drive, Z axis 2510 screw drive
22 guide Three-axis high-precision square rail
Supplied accessories: a cleaning knife, a set of tools, a cooling water pump, two spindle wrenches, a Wentai software, a power cord, a data cable, and a pressure plate
After-sales service: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year (free maintenance for one year, free accessories provided)