KF94 3D Mask Packing Machine

May 28, 2022
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1. Main view of the device:
2. Description of equipment workstation:
1. Mask bag heat sealing temperature system
2. Heat sealing of the mask bag
3. Heat sealing tightening device
4. Manipulator for feeding and bagging of masks
5. Bagging mask lifting group
6. Human-machine interface
7. Mask bag opening group
8. Mask conveyor belt
9. Mask feeding box
10. Packing bag material box

3. Dimensions of the equipment:
Length 3080mm×width 1250mm×height 2000mm

4. Applicable to KF94 3D mask packaging production scenarios:

5. Equipment work flow:
6. Basic parameters of the equipment:
Equipment Specifications Equipment Name KF94 3D Mask Packaging Machine
Device model JMPM-04
Rated power 5KW
Overall line dimension 3080MM(L)*1250MM(W)*2000MM(H)
Whole line movement Floor type roller movement, fixed foot cup
Whole line weight 600Kg
Power supply AC380V±5%; 50 Hz/60Hz;
Environmental requirements No inflammable, explosive and corrosive gas 25℃±5℃; 40—85%RH
Air source supply 1. 0.5-0.6Mpa, dry air source.
2. The flow per minute is about 60L.
3. The whole line needs a φ10 trachea interface.
Production speed 90-100pcs/min
Product pass rate 97% (except for non-local factors)
Seven, the main electrical equipment brand:
No. Name Brand/Origin
1 PLC Xinjie
2 Temperature Control Omron
3 switching power supply Mingwei
4 Solid State Relays China
5 Single-phase leakage protection switch CHINT
6 Three-phase leakage protector CHINT
7 Solenoid valve AirTAC
8 Vacuum Ejector AirTAC
9 Negative pressure sensor Panasonic
10 Servo motor Xinjie
11 blower full wind
12 Mods China
13 Touch Screen Willen
14 Timing belt with stopper China
15 cylinder AirTAC
16 Auto switch AirTAC
17 Sucker China
18 suction cup with rod China
19 Heat pipe China
20 Thermocouple China

8. List of consumable parts:

No. Name Specification Brand/Origin
1 Suction Cup 30P China
2 suction cup with rod 20P China
3 suction cup with rod 35P China
4 Heating tube 10*120MM 220V 300W China
5 Thermocouple K3M Terminal Type China

Nine, equipment adaptation raw material specifications
1 Suitable mask size Mask length: 190~220mm
Mask width: 75~90mm
2 Mask packaging bag Bag width: 110~115mm
Bag length: 250~280mm

10. Detailed introduction of equipment functions:

10.1 Mask feeding box

﹡The mask material box adopts aluminum alloy and stainless steel structure, which is beautiful and elegant.
﹡The size of the material box of the mask machine can be adjusted, which is suitable for KF94 masks of various shapes.
﹡Equipped with 5 material boxes, the mask is taken out by pulling down, and the mask is taken out stably and reliably.
﹡Using the method of putting a mask on the top, adding a mask without stopping the machine, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment.
10.2 Packing bag feeding box

﹡The packaging bag material box adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and elegant.
﹡The size of the material box of the mask machine can be adjusted, which is suitable for KF94 mask packaging bags of various shapes.
﹡Equipped with 5 material boxes, using the pull-down method to take out the mask packaging bag, the mask packaging bag is stable and reliable.
﹡Using the method of putting the mask packaging bag on the top, and adding the mask packaging bag without stopping, greatly improving the utilization rate of the equipment.

10.3 Clamping and bagging manipulators

﹡The mechanism adopts the module carrying manipulator to run, driven by the servo system, stable and reliable
﹡The mask clamping manipulator adopts stainless steel structure, and the clamping device is equipped with double pneumatic devices, which is more convenient to take out the mask machine

10.4 Manipulator for opening the mask packaging bag

﹡Independent heat sealing buffer mechanism to ensure stable sealing, precise and stable.
﹡The height of each sealing head can be adjusted independently, and the operation and maintenance are convenient and simple.
﹡The hot welding head is equipped with an OMRON temperature controller, and the temperature error of the welding head is controlled within ±5ºC.

﹡HMI touch screen control, easy to operate.
﹡All servo system parameters and equipment parameters are set directly on the man-machine interface.
﹡The touch screen is equipped with three operating interfaces in Chinese, English and Korean, with wide adaptability.
﹡Precise subdivision of device parameters, including main page, parameter setting, motor, IO monitoring, historical alarm,
Advanced settings page, etc.
﹡The parameter setting is controlled at different levels and each performs its own duties, so that the control of the equipment can achieve the best effect.