14kW 180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name chuangying
Certification CE
Model Number Cup mask
Minimum Order Quantity 150 Set/Sets per Month
Price $25,000.00/Sets 1-4 Sets
Packaging Details Pack the wooden box after vacuum packing
Product Details
Applicable Industries Machinery Repair Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Other Showroom Location South Korea
Condition New Automatic Grade Full-automatic
Voltage 220V, 380V Power 14kW
Dimension(L*W*H) 7699mm*2613mm*1726mm Weight 2400 KG
Warranty 1 Year Production Capacity Other
Key Selling Points Famous Brand PLC Mask Types Cup
Mask Material Non-woven Fabrics Product Name Cup Mask Machine
Keywords Ultrasonic Face Mask Making Machine
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180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine


14kW N95 Cup Mask Machine


N95 Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine

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Product Description
180 tablets per minute at high speed Spot shipping cup mask printing machine 95 cup mask machine cup mask packed machin

1. gh stability, low failure rate, beautiful without rust

2. Meet the automatic cup mask production needs

3. The melting spray cloth is not heated in the production process, and the deformation is small

4. Meet all kinds of cup mask automatic production process, compatibility

5. The entire line can be customized

6. Operate with few or no people

7. System to achieve modular compatibility, software can be closed part of the process

8. Monitoring and detection system, maximum troubleshooting

9. PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;

10. Photoelectric detection of raw materials, to avoid mistakes, reduce waste

The moldingweldingcutting
14kW 180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine 014kW 180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine 2
Model no.
Servo Motor
THINGET (France)
Product name
Cup mask
Control System
Mask Size
Ultrasonic Generator
 220V, 20kHz, 1.5kW
12-15 pcs/min
Non-woven fabric, Melt-blown fabric, Hot air Cotton,
Carbon fiber fabric, Mirco filter fabric, etc.
Air Component
SMC(Japan) AIRTAC(Taiwan
Hot Pressed CupType
Cup Type Can be Customized
Main Base
Ear Strap Fixed Typ
by Stapling (Staple Size:6-7mm L; 1mm W),
or by Ultrasonic Welding
IGUS(Germany) ECHU(China)
Control Panel
10 inches touching screen control panel
Cable Carrier
Air Pressure
Linear Guide
GLOBE (China)
Power Supply
Ball Screw
Machine Area
13m x 2.55m x 1.8m (L x W x H)
Safety Device

14kW 180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine 414kW 180pcs/Min N95 Cup Mask Machine Ultrasonic Earloop Welding Machine 5
Q: How long is the delivery time?
Answer: The general situation is 3-5 days for delivery. If you need a customized mask shape, it will take 7-10 days. Please refer to customer service for details.
Question: The machine I want is too inconsistent with what you showed on the Internet. Can I do it?
Answer: Yes, you need to provide machine pictures and finished mask pictures.
Question: What should I do if I buy a machine and I won’t install it back?
Answer: South Korea and Vietnam have after-sales and can be installed on site. Other countries can send installation videos and remote video guidance. Many foreign customers install this way. You only need to install the four screws of the connector of the filming machine and the earband machine, learn to load the cloth and operate normally. The company will be equipped with text version and video version of the whole teaching.
Q: How long is the warranty period?
Answer: The warranty period is one year. The ultrasound is three months. During the warranty period, the parts are damaged and the company provides new parts.

The following information comes from the Internet for reference only

A better filter material must meet the following three conditions. One is that the mask has a high filterability when the mask is in close contact with the user’s face; the other is that the mask has good breath permeability; and the third is that the mask is worn on the face. It feels very soft. The filter material of dust-proof masks uses a lot of raw materials, such as general fabrics, non-woven fabrics, activated carbon felt and so on. The molecular structure of a gauze mask has poor adhesion, and fine particles will enter our lungs through the pores of the mask. Therefore, most of the filter materials of gauze masks are mechanical fabrics, and the dust resistance rate of the gauze itself is relatively low. However, increasing the thickness of the mask will make the user feel that the breathing resistance becomes greater and the softness will become worse. However, the non-woven fabric after electrostatic treatment can not only block a large amount of dust, but also the electrostatic charge attached to its surface can also absorb fine dust. Therefore, the thickness of the filter material becomes thinner after treatment, and it is easy for people to wear it. Such a filter material is basically good.


At present, there are many kinds of masks on the market, which are also made by different types of mask machines. Therefore, when choosing a mask, you need to choose some reliable masks that can protect the human body.

1. Cup mask

Mainly use odorless, non-toxic, non-allergic raw materials, which are soft and convenient to wear. This type of mask is usually easy to carry and can ensure a close fit with the face. It is suitable for wearing in areas such as construction, quarrying, polishing, and food processing.

The mask machines used for different mask types are different, and the production methods are also different. When choosing a mask machine, you need to consider the conditions of the environment in advance, so that the corresponding mask can be produced.