Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit

Place of Origin Guangdong, China
Brand Name Desu
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price $13000/Pieces 1-9 Pieces
Packaging Details Wooden packing
Product Details
Model High Speed Intelligence Model Paper Cup Machine JBZ-OCM12 Paper Cup Size 2~16 OZ(Mould Exchangeable,Max Cup Height: 136mm,Max Bottom Width: 76mm
Rated Speed 75-85pcs/min (Speed Affected By Cup Size,paper Quality & Thickness)9OZ,280GSM Paper Cup Stable Running Speed 80 Pcs Each Min. Raw Material One Or Two SidePE Coated Paper(Popular For Hot And Cold Drink Cups)
Power Source 50/60HZ,380V/220V(better Use 380V,3 Phase)or Special Power Requirement. Cup Bottom Knurling Heater Knurling(ifuse Single PE Coated Paper)
High Light

85pcs/min Paper Cup Plate Making Machine


PLC Control Paper Cup And Plate Making Machine

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Product Description

paper cup making machine fully automatic paper cup plate making machine fully automatic cup machin paper

Machine model: high-speed simple paper cup machine
Backside Soldering : Copper Heater Ultrasonic Heater

Raw material : single side PE coated paper (popular hot drink cup) single/double PE coated paper (popular hot drink cup and cold drink cup)
Total weight : Gw /NW:1750 kgs/1650 KgS.
Working air source (ultrasonic): Air pressure 0.4MPa a. machine.
Cup bottom heating: heater knurling (single-sided PE paper is heated and knurled; double-sided PE paper is knurled with cooling device circular water.)
Bottom knurling: heat knurling (if using single layer PE coated paper)

Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit 0

Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit 1

Electric System:

High-quality brand electrical systems, such as Delta, Schneider.
The PLC control system adopts the Delta brand, which is made in Taiwan and is reliable.

Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit 2


Servo Motor:

The bttom paper feeding is controlled by servo motor and stepping motor,which greatly improve paper feeding in high precision and
high efiency way.(more stable ,less troubles and save bottom paper)Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit 3


Paper size :

2~16 oz (replaceable die, max cup height 136mm, max bottom width 76mm.)

Rated speed:

70-80 per minute (the speed is affected by the size of the paper cup, paper quality and thickness), the running speed is stable, 75 per minute

Paper material:

140-250 GSM.140~350gsm.

Power requirements:

50/60 Hz.380V/220V (preferably use 380V, 3Phase) or special power requirements

Total power :

6.5 kw, 7.5 kw.

Total weight : Gw /NW:1750 kgs/1650 Kgs.


Fully Automatic Disposable Paper Plates And Cups Manufacturing Unit 5

Excerpted from the Internet, for reference only

The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53. The mold has a long service life and is wear-resistant and durable.
The company is a low-level manufacturer of material technology, mold technology, lubrication technology and equipment, which is far from meeting the needs of domestic production development. This machine is to manually weld the ear straps after the mask body. The operation is simple. Skilled workers can complete the welding of 8-10 pieces of mask ear straps per minute, which can be completed in one skilled operation. In addition to being divided into flat type mask machines and cup type mask machines, conventional mask machines can also be divided into special-shaped mask machines. What shape is this machine? The special-shaped mask machine is mainly made of multi-layer non-woven fabrics and filter layers, and is made by folding, cutting and sewing processes. The special-shaped mask machine is different from the flat mask machine, and the difference between the cup-shaped mask machine is that it is mainly a foldable mask, and the two layers of welded masks need to be opened before the ear straps can be welded. At the same time, some masks with strange shapes can also be made into special-shaped masks.